Welcome to Central

Welcome to Central

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We are so glad that you are interested in the Central Church of Christ. We encourage you to browse through our website and get to know us better. On this site you will find links to various groups within our family (e.g. Kids, Teens, College and Young Professionals, Young Families, Seniors). We also encourage you to check out the information provided in our "About" section. It will give you some information and insights into our core beliefs and what to expect when you visit. Additionally we have a section dedicated to our leadership and staff so that you may get to know them better. Stay awhile and have a look around; we hope you will choose to visit with us very soon.



As more and more people are vaccinated and as our attendance numbers grow, we will continue to take appropriate steps to help manage keeping everyone safe yet providing more space to comfortably worship. In light of the new updated guidance on Covid-19 protocols from the CDC released recently, effective July 1st, masks will be optional for any members/visitors during services or any church activities. The old auditorium will remain a mask mandatory area to worship.

Thank you for your patience throughout this pandemic and being flexible with so many changes.

Service Schedule

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Prayer Group
Sunday Morning 
Sunday Morning

Bible Class | 9 AM

Sunday Morning

Worship | 10 AM

Sunday Evening

Worship | 6 PM

Wednesday Evening
Wednesday Evening

Bible Study | 6:30 PM

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