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Adult Ministry

College & Young Professionals

Central has an active group of College & Young Professionals. This group is made up of college students, young singles and young marrieds (without kids). They participate in many social events and service-oriented activities throughout the year. This group also has its own Bible Class on Sunday mornings during the summer quarter (May-July) and at times other quarters as well. Jaime Farr is the ministry leader over this ministry.

Adult ministry 02.jpeg
Image by Alvin Mahmudov

Young Families

Central’s Young Families Ministry consists of young marrieds, and singles, with kids. This group has its own Bible class on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. They are a very active group in the congregation. Outside of Bible class they help serve through service projects and also have their own social activities too. This ministry is headed up by one of our ministry leaders, Kyle Cline.

Seasoned Saints

This active group of Christians keeps their calendar full of many wonderful activities designed to help them grow closer to one another and to their Lord. This group is comprised of ages 50 and older. They enjoy the following throughout the year: annual trips, bi-monthly fellowship events, holiday party, service projects and more.

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