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Helping Hands

Community Outreach Benevolence  Service

We feel strongly about having a presence in our community, and so Central is involved in a number of community outreach/service efforts. Here is a list of some of the different ministries we’re involved in in the Augusta Area:

Amen Ministry

This ministry is a ministry for Christian soldiers out at Fort Gordon. Amen Ministry contacts us letting us know of new soldiers in the area. We then reach out to them inviting them to church services and help plug them in and help them feel at home. The office staff help facilitate this ministry effort.

Cancer Support Services (formerly the Lydia Project)

This ministry provides lodging near cancer treatment, transport to treatment, and other financial and prayerful services for men, women, and children who have cancer.  Our ladies at Central help with sewing totes for CSS's tote ministry. The point people for this ministry are Jane Starr and Florence Miller.  Find out more or volunteer at

Paddington Project

This ministry serves young girls who are going through period poverty in our local schools. The ladies at Central provide the schools in the surrounding counties with small totes filled with feminine products. The point of contact for this ministry is Valerie Lively.

South Columbia Elementary

Central has linked up with our local elementary school to help provide assistance where needed. These areas include: collecting backpacks, school supplies, providing breakfast for teachers on their first day of school and much more. The point of contact for this ministry is Patty Niece.

Burn Unit

Central provides a meal for the local burn unit every third Tuesday on the month. This meal is for the family members of those who are in the burn unit as a patient. The point of contact for this ministry is Rosalynne Burns.

Feed the Hungry Day (Thanksgiving Week)

On the Monday of Thanksgiving week the churches of Christ in the area all come together to feed over 3000 people downtown. The point person for this event from Central is Dora Lamb.

Halloween with a Heart

Every October around Halloween every special-needs kid in the CSRA (who’s at one of the local schools) heads to Patriots Park gymnasium to trick-r-treat. We give out candy and information about the church to over 700 kids/families. This ministry is led by Richard Worth.

Ronald McDonald House

Throughout the year we collect items for the RMH. There are even times where we go down and help clean it as well. This ministry is led by Barbara Lambright.

Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home-Devotional

Every 1st Sunday of the month we join some other CofC’s in the area and help put on a devotional for the residents at the GA War Veterans Nursing Home. This ministry is led by Dick Willis and Winston Kelly.

Baby Basket Ministry

We have an entire room in the building that is stuffed with baby products and clothing. Each month we have some ladies that get together and will put together baskets full of clothing, wipes, powder, and more. We connect with some local social workers to give out these baskets to those in need. This ministry is headed up by Norma Corbin and Debbie Willis.

Casserole Ministry

We have a freezer in one of the fellowship hall rooms dedicated and full of frozen casseroles that have been made by members. Anyone can come by anytime and sign out a casserole and give it to a member in need. This ministry is headed up by Lauren Hinote and Samantha Burns.

Food Pantry

Every Friday morning is food pantry day. Every Friday we give out food to many in the area that are in need. Extra pantry workers are always needed. The point of contact for this ministry is Virgil Wilkerson.

Golden Harvest Food Bank

Most of the months of the year we have a group from Central on a Saturday during the month work at Golden Harvest. For every person/every hour a member works there, we earn credit that helps us buy food for our pantry so we can serve those in need. Dick Willis and Winston Kelly are the point of contacts for this ministry.

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