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One thing that is very important to us at Central is making sure everyone feels at home and feels like family. Over the years we’ve created efforts to help us assimilate members into the church body as well as make sure we help facilitate connection. Here are some of the efforts.

Greeters & Welcome Center

Every Sunday we use more than 10 greeters that man the doors here at Central.


They greet members/visitors alike while passing out bulletins and directing folks to where they need to go. Tyrone Goodwin is our ministry leader over the greeter ministry.

Attendance Pads

Every Sunday we take attendance by using attendance pads in the pews. This helps us to keep up with the flock and also identify visitors so we can follow up.

Meet & Greet Event

This event happens at least twice a year welcoming all new members to Central.


This event is to help new members get to know the leadership of the congregation and learn more about Central and its many ministries. Scott Patterson (our pulpit minister) is the point of contact for this ministry.


All first-time guests receive a coffee cup full of candy and a church brochure. This is done by members who volunteer each week to take and drop off these cups. We always want to leave a good impression.


The congregation is broken up into 8 R.E.A.C.H. groups. Each member in the summer months signs up for the group of their choice.


The groups get together and do fellowship activities, service activities and more throughout the year. Troy Clark is our ministry leader over this ministry.

People Encouraging Through Service

Once a month we pass out sheets that are full of individuals from the congregation or that have visited with us for us to reach out to and encourage. Members write notes to these folks to encourage them. Scott Patterson (our pulpit minister) is the point of contact for this ministry.

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