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Women's Ministry

The ladies at Central are some of our greatest servants and stay busy in ministry throughout the year. Below are some ministry activities/events that they are a part of.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Ladies Bible Class

Usually 2 quarters of the year our ladies will have a lady’s class that will meet on Wednesday nights on various topics.

Ladies Trip (Yearly)

At least once a year our ladies will take a trip out of town somewhere. Some of those locations have included Charleston, SC & Savannah, GA.

Baby Showers

Our Central ladies put on all baby showers throughout the year for all first-time mothers. We typically have 4-5 baby showers a year.

Wedding Showers

Our Central ladies put on all wedding showers throughout the year. We typically have 2-3 wedding showers a year.

Saturday Tea

At least once a year our ladies will get together on a Saturday to have tea at someone’s home from the congregation.

Luncheons with

Each quarter we have a group of members who go and have lunch with some of our shut-ins here at Central. They will take their own brown-bag lunch and take lunch to the shut-in as well and have a great visit. Patty Niece is the point of contact for this Ministry.

Ladies Day & Ladies Retreat

Each year the Women’s Ministry has a retreat (off campus) or a Ladies Day (at the church building). We may use our own women to conduct the lessons or bring in a guest speaker. Faith, food, and fellowship are all great parts of these events.

Weekly Ladies
Bible Class

On Thursdays throughout the year the ladies will have a lady’s class at the church building. It normally starts at 10:30am.

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