Qualities of the Youth & Family Minister:

Fundamental to this role is a relationship with Jesus Christ that is evidenced in his personal and family life. He must have a Christ-honoring vision for ministry that grows out of a respect for scripture, a love for the church, and attentiveness to the needs of people.


More specifically, a Youth & Family Minister must have a unique blend of gifts. He must possess relationship skills that allow the youth and families to feel comfortable in his presence. At the same time, he should be mature enough to be an instructor in the faith, role model, and mentor. He must also demonstrate professionalism that establishes his credibility as a resource to parents.


Alongside these characteristics, the Youth & Family Minister should be a team player who pursues the good of the whole congregation, is respectful of the authority of elders, is comrade to other staff members, and is sensitive to congregational history and the dynamics of responsible change.

Responsibilities of the Youth & Family Minister:
  • Seeks all opportunities to encourage the youth to accept Christ and to grow toward spiritual maturity. Create opportunities to study with teens about becoming a Christian – also following up in study with them post-baptism as well. Counsel young people and their families when needed.

  • Coordinate all activities for youth grades 6-12, including weekday programs/ministries, devotionals, mission trips, youth rallies/camps, fellowship opportunities, etc., with emphasis on evangelism, discipleship, and service. Freedom will be given for fresh development that is respectful of current productive efforts.


  • Communicates weekly to youth and parents through the following mediums: Website, Social Media, Email, Call/Text.

  • Serve as education department coordinator for grades 6-12 in cooperation with the Deacon of Youth and Deacon/Head of education.


  • Teach regular classes on Sunday and Wednesday. Establish educational continuity between grades and classes by developing course objectives and general curriculum on which teachers can build in cooperation with the curriculum committee.

  • Provide resources and training for parents of adolescents.

  • Integrate the youth programs into the congregational ministry, particularly in maintaining transitional links between the youth ministry and the children’s ministry.

  • Cooperate with area youth ministers/churches to promote youth ministry in general and to ensure the participation of Central’s youth in area activities.

  • Assist the Involvement Minister with Central’s annual Youth Rally (SOAR).

  • Maintains accurate records of youth and families, youth activities, personal visits, volunteer programs, work programs, special service participation, worship service, leadership participation, office hours and reports as required to the Youth Deacon and Personnel Committee.

*This includes turning in a yearly budget and maintaining financial records for youth group area items.

  • Help serve in Central’s worship services where needed (e.g., Song leading, preside of Lords Supper, Prayer, Scripture Reading, Announcements, etc.)

  • The Youth Minister will report to the Youth Deacon on daily operating matters and to the Personnel Committee as requested.